the newest technology in medical

i have thw new technology, seco.
1. High-tech semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument, that leverage the low strength laser radiation of 650nm wavelength, which can be absorbed by blood through nasal mucous membrane;
2. Proven effects on prevention and cure of all diseases that related to blood, such as cardiovascular & encephalovascular disease, diabete, artery sclerosis, cerebral thrombus, brain infarct, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, heart attack, lungworry, diabetes;
3. Adopts inside nasal cavity shine-treat which is a kind of new technology improved
on the basis of shine-treat technologically in the inside blood vessel shine-treat.
4. Laser shining with low-yield visible light 650mm wavelength regulates the immune
function of organisms.
5. Automatically controls the treats time, and stop the laser when reaching the set treating
time .
6. Subtle controller, safe, simple and easy to carry out.
7. Main Performance parameters
Laser Wave: 650nm
Output Power: Low 5mW
Timer Setup: 30 Min
Product Size: 4.09×2.52×0.71 Inch1321663_slt


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